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Advantages of Using Melatonin

Melatonin is one of the hormones produced by the body that has a variety of benefits to the body than just the purpose it is produced for. The major and commonly known use of this hormone is to facilitate sleep by preparing the physical body to fall into sleep. Behavioral change and other body’s functions can sometimes affect the production of the melatonin hormone. Performance of the body can be maintained by ensuring that melatonin supplements are used whenever there is a breach in the production of the hormone. The body can experience the same effects that melatonin hormone has on it even when the supplement, which has a lot of health benefits, is used.

One of the most common functions and benefits of the melatonin hormone is its purpose of enhancing sleep. Sleep helps in facilitating a lot of body functions as well as maintain the performance of the brain. Bodies that function properly are, as a result, healthy and thus are not prone to diseases and illnesses.

Melatonin hormone also helps in inhibiting the death of energy cells in the body. Body cells responsible for the production of energy, the mitochondria, face death when there is any energy-production activity in them. Melatonin hormones come in handy at such a time to ensure that the cells around the mitochondria are protected from the leakage that occurs during the destruction of the energy cells. Maintenance of the body functions remains balanced because the melatonin hormone protects the cells from being destroyed. The performance of the mitochondria can sometimes be affected by toxins which melatonin hormone deals with and thus protecting the cells.

The body also benefits from the antioxidant properties of the melatonin hormone. Cells are protected from oxidation by melatonin hormone after vigorous cell activities which produce a lot of energy. Cardiovascular health is also maintained by the antioxidant property of the melatonin hormone. It also boosts the immune system of the body and helps in the treatment of some bacterial diseases that lower the immunity of the body. Immune system is also boosted when inflammation of the body is reduced by the melatonin hormone.

The healing process of stroke patients is facilitated by the melatonin hormone. Inflammatory effects that are caused by cytokines can be prevented through the use of melatonin hormones which block their activities. Supplements of the hormone can be used when the body is unable to produce the real hormone.

Sleep disorders such as insomnia are managed through the help of the melatonin hormones. The immune system and entire human health, therefore, benefit a lot from the melatonin hormone that is produced by the body.

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