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Facts On Iran Supporting Terror

Terrorism is one of the vices that is bringing the world to its knees, literally. Terrorism has some strong roots and even though everyone hopes it somehow comes to an end, that end is elusive. The international community strongly holds that the Iranian government is supporting terrorism and different factions have leveled those accusation to Iran since its revolution. Iran is said to be funding, training, giving sanctuary to terrorists and providing weapons and equipment.

Iran is an Islamic state and as a result a lot of the terror groups find refuge in Iran mostly based on this one fact. Terror groups and are housed in Iran and are very comfortable planning and executing terror acts from here and no matter how the top leaders of the world try to dissuade Iran from doing this, efforts have been quite fruitless. The militant groups use the resources accorded them by Iran to engage in terrorist acts across the globe.

It is crucial to take into account that Iran through their continued terrorism support, it has undermined civilian rights and also caused lives to be lost as well as they have gained fame across Middle East and all over the world in totality. When it comes to supporting terrorism, Iran has been at the forefront and it is known all over the world with lots of sources as witnesses. It is believed to be part of terrorism supporter due to a couple of motivations and a number of reasons.

It is crucial to take into account that in Iran’s constitution there is a goal to transfigure the world and it is believed to be among the leading motivation that pushes them to commit such an act. When it comes to battling and killing its adversaries, Iran has used terrorism to do such acts. Politics as it is has made states supporting its opponents to in subjection to their fierce power of terror.

A Lebanese terrorist group is the closest militant ally to Iran and the strongest group in the world. In 1980, Iran helped in creating the group and has also trained and armed it over the years. Iran gave this terrorist group about $100 million every year and some years were even better. The type of weaponry give n by Iran to this group are just out of this world, things like anti-cruise missiles which are not popular, thousands of rockets were also provided. This is a group that is close to Iran’s heart and is what is used to attack countries against Syria and the likes.

The number of terrorist groups supported by Iran are about 100,000, given money, weaponry and other kinds of support. The current president of Syria is a project of Iran and would have fallen long ago if Iran was not there to give support. Syria is a very close ally to Iran and is considered the only state ally. When the fighters are slain in war, Iran makes sure to support them financially.

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